IHG Grows Revenue & Bookings by 70%+ with Koddi’s Enterprise & Private Markets Solutions

A few weeks ago, we published a case study from our client, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which showed the compelling results that they achieved after combining the power of Koddi’s technology with the extended audience reach of Google Hotel Ads. As a result of their recent campaign with Google Hotel Ads, powered by the Koddi Travel Marketing suite of solutions, IHG was able to achieve:

  • 53% increase in traffic
  • 70% lift in bookings, and
  • 78% lift in revenue.

This case study presents a great example of how a world-renowned hotel brand, with nearly 5,200 hotels in almost 100 countries (including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, and Holiday Inn®) was able to achieve both its global and local booking goals and revenue objectives through Koddi’s suite of solutions.

By combining Koddi’s Enterprise and Private Markets solutions, IHG was able to execute campaigns on the global, regional, and localized levels. These simultaneous campaigns, moreover, complimented one another’s strategies, instead of competing against each other on different publisher sites. This strategy was also further enhanced due to the robust reporting on hundreds of thousands of metasearch data points and complex bidding layers connecting every dollar spent by IHG with a dollar earned.

Because IHG’s portfolio of brands also targets different types of travelers, Koddi’s Private Markets solution allowed each of the brands–and even the individual hotels themselves–to test different bidding strategies and compare results. For example, IHG could optimize bids for the greatest revenue return against a fixed budget, rather than optimizing bids for the maximum bookings but not the greatest revenue return. This way, IHG could compare bidding tactics and fine-tune campaigns to achieve the greatest level of bookings and revenue returns at the individual hotel level throughout its entire portfolio of global hotels.

This approach to reporting, bidding control, and optimization will become increasingly more important in the future as IHG is looking to drive more traffic and direct bookings through its own site, rather than online travel agencies. However, IHG has found considerable success by also deploying Koddi’s solutions and advanced attribution and reporting technologies to campaigns that run across Koddi’s extensive publisher network, which includes Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, and Trivago–among others. Combining Koddi’s targeting with these publishers’ reach has further grown IHG’s traffic and ultimate bookings (or conversions).

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