Koddi Enterprise simplifies the marketing experience through data, consolidation, and automation all in one platform.


We've turned multichannel marketing into a proactive, high-performing, revenue-generating machine by taking complexity, lack of clarity, and guessing out of the digital campaign management equation.

Fast Campaign Execution

Seamlessly integrate with publisher data and various analytics platforms, allowing users to build once and disperse to many. Read from one source and quickly report and analyze multiple levels of performance data.

Identify Actionable Trends

Quickly access all of the information necessary to spot trends and take action with Koddi’s automated feed delivery, scheduled reports, and system-generated notifications. Custom labels allow for both automated and one-off groupings of properties by any value.

Optimize Customer Connections

Change bids on a granular or a macro level to control the thousands of different bid levers across numerous outlets. Dynamic tools enable users to optimize performance quickly, while automated algorithms ensure long-tail properties are well-positioned.

100% Reporting Transparency

Fully automated reporting aligns perfectly with your internal numbers. Our advanced reports support flexible customization and are used to inform teams at all levels of key changes to the business, trends, and new opportunities.

Travel Industry Results


Average ROI Increase


Average Booking Increase


Hotels Live



Intuitive Dashboards and Reporting

Easy-to-use reporting allows digital marketers to effectively apply advanced search and display strategies to metasearch and social.


User Interface and API Based Bulk Operations

Our reporting and bid normalization layers bring disparate systems together into a unified user experience.


Proprietary Bidding Signals

Bid automation creates the best model for your specific goals. Customize your bids and partner with the Koddi team to implement algorithms that apply the best model for specific goals, constraints, and data.


Property-Level Reporting

All Koddi reporting is informed by rich property-level data, allowing customers to add geographic context to broad reports and bring in granular attributes for more detailed analysis. Advertisers can extend inventory data with custom fields and their own proprietary data.


Smart Alerts, Labeling, and Strategic Event Queue

Quickly spot campaign trends and take action with Koddi’s event-based reporting and notifications system. Custom labels allow for both automated and one-off grouping of properties by any value.

Associate Director
Phoenix, Arizona

“The technical expertise of the team helps support our meta search objectives with a variety of products (Google HA, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Trivago). Team members are highly skilled and always available for support when we need it. They come to the table with solid ideas that support our strategy development and help to drive revenue to our organization.”

Head of Marketing
at Tablet Hotels

"When we invest in metasearch, everything else in our company just works better."

Chief Digital Officer at Peakwork

"Koddi has proven a powerful technology partner, enabling a great increase in meta performance for our clients. They are a reliable marketing partner for our customers and a great team to work with, fast and tech-savvy with a vast knowledge of the digital advertising space."



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