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Accelerate Your Revenue Through Marketplaces

Launch a marketplace ads program that quickly and profitably scales

Comprehensive Ad Platform Designed for Your Marketplace

Koddi Ads provides everything you need to efficiently launch a native ad program. With out-of-the-box tools, powerful ad serving, full-service support, and complete program management, Koddi will ensure you drive maximum growth in minimum time.

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Proven, Enterprise-Class Technology

With over 13 years of experience powering global programs, Koddi Ads' robust platform can be configured to your needs, no matter your industry or experience level —from trusted off-the-shelf deployment to tailored implementation.

Robust Tools for Program Success

An easy-to-use interface makes management accessible for entry-level advertisers while offering comprehensive capabilities for more advanced users. Advertisers benefit from flexible targeting, bidding, optimization, reporting, and budgeting options.

Expert Service and Support

Through a consultative approach, Koddi guides you at every step of the process, helping you evaluate, deploy, and execute your ads program and ensuring your advertisers are well supported to create a winning experience for all.

Accelerated Time to Value

Get up and running quickly so your program scales and your revenue can, too. With resources to improve advertiser onboarding and share knowledge, you can grow your program adoption.

Excel as a Publisher

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Advanced Yield Optimization and Dynamic Targeting

Our real-time auction and quality score system optimizes ad results for margin potential, ad quality, seller score, click/conversion propensity, and more. Additionally, our dynamic targeting leverages first-party data to serve customer-focused product suggestions to more precise audience and traffic segments.

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Multi-Tier Budget Management

Advertisers can coordinate budgets from different sources including co-op and multi-tier, allowing corporate/regional or local and brand/franchisee-type businesses to participate in your program together.

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Administrative Tools

An easy-to-use reporting API with export and white-label reporting capabilities enables quick and clear insight analysis. The comprehensive program management platform streamlines user management and supports SSO and program administration.

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Always-on Testing Capabilities

With our tools and expertise, you can confidently conduct a wide variety of testing — from launching a virtual auction on a subset of traffic, to determining A/B test structures and holdout groups with advertisers to measure the lift in conversion.

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Complete Financial Reconciliation

Our comprehensive billing ledger provides reconciliation capabilities and flexible API billing endpoints to integrate into existing systems, so advertisers can be billed in advance or arrears, with promo credits, flexible attribution, and more.

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Easy Advertiser Sign-Up

Quickly onboard advertisers with simple sign-up, account creation, and permissioning. Get them up and running through an easy-to-manage interface and dashboards.

  • Koddi’s team’s expertise helped us go from zero to live on our Sponsored Listings program in record time. Everything went exactly as they said it would, and they helped us think through a lot of the ins and outs of what we wanted to do. Our program is up and running, and we’re thrilled.

    Ads Product Manager, Top 10 App Publisher

  • Consumer behavior is never fixed. It constantly evolves, and we evolve in turn. Koddi Ads give us the flexibility to be responsive to shifting behaviors and sentiments, which is not only important in the current environment, but important at any time.

    Maryellen D’Aiuto, VP of Digital Marketing, Priceline


Leading Mobile App Publisher Boosts Revenue and Advertiser ROAs With Koddi Ads

With over 13 years of experience managing global ad programs in the travel industry, Koddi leveraged its expertise to build a white-label ad platform tailored to the specific needs of the client’s industry.

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