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Comprehensive advertising solutions to grow your business

Our Solutions

For nearly a decade, Koddi has helped advertisers and marketplace publishers improve their multi-channel marketing, increase their business intelligence, and empower marketplace monetization to realize more revenue and reach their business objectives faster.


Enhance your digital investments with data-driven technology and unmatched service to:

  • Capture more demand and increase sales, whether an enterprise business or franchise
  • Gain full transparency into campaign management and performance at every step
  • Create more relevant ad experiences, informed by actionable intelligence

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Launch a dynamic native ads program backed by Koddi’s strong technology backbone and marketplace experts to:

  • Create monetization opportunities and drive revenue without sacrificing experience
  • Tailor an advertising program that suits your needs, no matter the vertical
  • Easily scale with an enterprise-class ad platform, backed by an expert team

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Configure our powerful, flexible platform based on your unique needs.

  • Leverage off-the-shelf features to get started quickly
  • Customize capabilities and modules for a tailored platform experience
  • Integrate partners, tools, and systems with ease

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Travel is where we started, and as pioneers, Koddi tackled some of the toughest digital marketing challenges.

Our expertise now translates to customer success across a diverse portfolio of verticals including:

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Retail and eCommerce
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Financial Services
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Real Estate
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Travel and Hospitality
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DTC Apps and Services

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Koddi’s people-first approach fosters partnership at every step of the journey.

We’re in it with you:

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Seamless Onboarding
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Program Management
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Strategic Guidance and Education
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Customized Implementations

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