Koddi for Marketplaces:

Leverage Commerce Media to Drive Profit

Gain a competitive edge and drive incremental revenue through a marketplace advertising program

Expand Your Trusted Relationships and Engagement with Consumers for Targetable, Data-Backed Media Opportunities

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Whether you call it retail media, sponsored listings, or native ad programs, marketplace media programs have become a valuable pathway to create new incremental revenue streams and future-proof your business in an unpredictable and evolving market.

Through a partnership with Koddi, you can:

  • Tap into our expert team and proven technology platform
  • Build a marketplace advertising program with customized guidance and support
  • Start generating revenue more quickly and efficiently


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Out-of-the-box capabilities to get you up and running quickly

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Robust publisher administrative tools to streamline management, testing, and billing

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Tailored implementation to customize program to your business needs

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People-first formula to assure all marketplace participants have a positive experience

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Extensive advertiser tools and support to grow adoption and program success

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Expert support at every step of the process to build publisher confidence


Leading Mobile App Publisher Boosts Revenue and Advertiser ROAS With Koddi Ads

With over 13 years of experience managing global ad programs in the travel industry, Koddi leveraged its expertise to build a white-label ad platform tailored to the specific needs of the client’s industry.


Boosting Incremental Volume and Bookings With TripAdvisor Sponsored Placements

A leading, global hotel brand challenged Koddi with finding a way to capture more bookings and drive more volume with TripAdvisor outside of the standard metasearch placements.

Say Hello to Koddi Ads

Koddi Ads provides everything you need to efficiently launch a native, sponsored listing ad program —from ad serving and publisher management to advertiser education and tools.

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