Koddi Private Markets

Connect your digital marketing efforts across corporate and individual hotels


The Koddi Private Markets platform empowers property-level marketing managers to work in collaboration with their chains’ corporate marketing efforts. Drive additional revenue and production across a variety of channels, all while providing transparency into where every marketing dollar is spent.

Drive Goals & KPIs

Koddi's goal-based budgets and bidding automation lets the system work on your behalf, driving more direct room nights and increasing revenue.

Steer Demand

Bring ready-to-buy travelers to your website for cost-effective, direct bookings.

Align Marketing Spend

Layer on top of what corporate is already contributing to bridge the gap and put the property back in control of their marketing efforts, when they need it most.

Data-driven Decision Making

User-friendly, cloud-based reporting makes channel performance comparisons easy so you can understand how to best utilize your marketing budget.

Enterprise-Grade Service

Lean on your dedicated account team to strategize, make decisions, and get all your questions answered efficiency. We're here to help!


increase in volume


average lift in impressions


average increase in revenue



Full Funnel Exposure

Gain access to channels proven to fill rooms and raise awareness. Manage property level digital campaigns across metasearch, paid search, retargeting, and social and sponsored listings channels.


Comprehensive Budget Management

Programmable budgets and automatic controls ensure campaigns never spend more than intended.


Automated Performance Forecasting

Koddi's machine learning processes are able to forecast future performance, providing real-time strategic bid and budgeting guidance.


Actionable Insights

Your campaign dashboard makes it easy to compare property level performance across all direct booking channels, while our proprietary attribution models trace your bookings back to the initial click, or exposed ad letting you see exactly where your spend is going.


Seamless Integration

Use our API solutions to integrate with existing reporting systems, connecting reporting directly to your organization’s source of truth.



Request a live demo from our sales team and learn how Koddi can help you align hotel marketing spend to drive bookings and revenue.