Branded Experiences: Full-Funnel On-Site Ad Formats to Drive Growth and Profitability in Commerce Media

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, using a variety of ad formats on your site is key to boosting profits in commerce media. Different ad formats—from banners and native ads to videos and post-checkout ads—not only engage users better but also amplify your monetization efforts.

By catering to various customer preferences and habits, these ad formats ensure effective targeting of different audience segments, seamlessly integrating into the shopping experience. This approach captures consumer attention and boosts ad revenue, making it essential for any commerce media network aiming to succeed in a competitive market.


Strategic Importance of Maximizing On-site Ad Formats in Commerce Media

Maximizing onsite ad formats is essential for commerce media, as it directly impacts user engagement and monetization strategies. Using diverse ad formats like banners, native ads, video ads, and post-checkout ads caters to various customer preferences and habits. This variety ensures that ads capture the attention of different audience segments while seamlessly integrating into the shopping experience, enhancing user engagement and boosting ad revenue.

Offering a wide variety of ad formats enables commerce media networks to better leverage their first-party data and on-site real estate for precise targeting and personalization, enhancing their ability to deliver the right ads to the right customers in the right places, based on the detailed data they have about their users. This approach supports objective-based campaign execution, enabling advertisers to define clear objectives—whether it’s for brand awareness, seasonal promotions, or direct sales—and tailor each ad format and strategy to meet those goals.

Each format has unique strengths that can be tailored to specific marketing goals, budgets, and customer behaviors. By optimizing and diversifying ad formats, network operators can create more opportunities for advertisers to connect with customers at different stages of their purchasing journey. This enhances the value proposition for advertisers while driving higher ad revenue and improving overall ROI for the network operator.


Branded Experiences Unlock Full-Funnel Potential

Enter Koddi’s branded experiences: comprehensive on-site ad formats integrated into a unified platform, empowering commerce media networks to realize their full potential. With branded experiences, network operators have complete control to configure a buying and auction experience to monetize any user interaction on their website—defining the required settings, targeting options, and display assets to drive a unique advertising experience.



Each advertising experience is tailored to meet the unique requirements of both the auction and advertiser media creation. Our platform offers the right information and capabilities—from publisher configuration to advertiser experience and auction changes—to drive success for our partners.

Koddi’s flexible platform ensures that any ad format can be tailored to meet the goals of the commerce media network. Some examples of ad formats that Koddi has configured include:

  • Sponsored products: product listing ads, premium/branded curated carousels
  • Display: premium/homepage, standard/programmatic
  • Video: standard/programmatic, premium/takeover
  • Email: branded/standalone/promotional/lifecycle
  • Branded content: recipes
  •  Map listings


Koddi Ads: A Comprehensive Solution for Commerce Media Networks

Koddi Ads revolutionizes advertising management with a comprehensive platform that allows publishers to effortlessly oversee multiple advertising experiences in one environment. Network operators access a suite of features designed to drive results at every funnel stage, while advertisers benefit from precise media creation and seamless auction updates, ensuring strategic allocation for maximum ROI. With robust reporting capabilities, Koddi Ads provides invaluable insights into campaign performance, enabling optimization across the entire funnel.

  • Comprehensive Publisher Configuration: The Koddi Ads platform enables publishers to effortlessly manage multiple advertising experiences within a single environment. Whether defining bid automation options or fine-tuning targeting and asset configurations, every aspect is optimized to enhance performance throughout the entire funnel.
  • Unified Advertiser Experience & Auction Updates: Advertisers can navigate the media creation process through a unified intake process, with tailored inputs to ensure effective execution. From campaign inception to execution, Koddi Ads ensures that every dollar is allocated strategically, driving maximum ROI across the funnel.
  • Insightful Experience Reporting: Gain invaluable insights into the performance of your advertising campaigns with Koddi Ads’ robust reporting capabilities. By consolidating data from all your media channels into one unified location, our tools provide comprehensive visibility into every aspect of your marketing efforts. Whether tracking awareness metrics or evaluating conversion rates, our reporting tools offer the clarity and transparency needed to optimize your full-funnel portfolio.


Drive Growth With Diverse On-site Ad Formats

Maximizing on-site ad formats in commerce media is not just beneficial—it’s essential for driving profitability in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. By leveraging diverse ad formats tailored to various customer preferences and consumption habits, commerce media networks can effectively target different audience segments, seamlessly integrating into the shopping experience to enhance engagement and increase ad revenue.

Interested in learning more about how you can maximize your on-site revenue potential? Contact the Koddi team today and one of our commerce media experts will be in touch!