Google Property Promotion Ads -
New Mobile Carousel Experience

Today, Google rolled out a brand new mobile experience for their Property Promotion Ads (PPA) product. This visual experience first launched as a test in December 2021 for a small portion of traffic, and now Google is expanding the new treatment across global markets.

This new experience will not only add to the number of PPA ad units but also raise the visibility of PPA within the Google Search experience.


Experience Overview

This change to PPA will move the ad experience to the very top of the Search page on all mobile devices. Previously, on mobile, this placement was only available to the user after clicking through the “View Hotels” link where they’d end up on the typical PPA experience, which will remain part of the offering. Below is an example of previous functionality.




With this update, we are expecting both a rise in visibility for users and interaction with the ad unit. Not only will this be the first thing prospecting Google users see, but they will be able to side scroll through many more sponsored options than were visible previously. This increases the time a user may spend shopping solely within ad units, and also increases the number of advertisers competing for visibility – something that will be extremely familiar to users who frequently shop with Google’s retail tools.



Performance Outlook

Presently the mobile device demand makes up 60 – 65% of PPA traffic, so these will have an impact similar to your current mobile participation. We can expect the introduction of more ad units, and its increased prominence on the Google Search page  will likely lead to a 20 – 30% increase in PPA click volume for advertisers running mobile PPA campaigns.

This new experience is slightly more upper-funnel than the existing PPA functionality, and therefore we will be closely monitoring the impact of the increased traffic on conversion rate and efficiency. This is still a great way to increase awareness and show up at the top of search results to maximize visibility for your hotel and brand.


Koddi will be tracking the shifting auction dynamics within mobile PPA, and PPA as a whole, as advertisers react to these new developments.

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