Enhanced Hotel Visibility: Google Expands 1-Click Model Carousel for Property Promotion Ads to Desktop

Following the successful rollout of the Google Property Promotion Ads carousel on mobile last year, Google is expanding its reach to desktop users and introducing additional sponsored placements to the forefront. The Google Property Promotion Ads 1-Click Model has been rolled out to 100% of users.


What’s the 1-Click Model and How Does it Impact Hotels?

The 1-click model is a carousel that dynamically displays hotel options, enabling users to quickly scroll through and explore various accommodations on Hotel Search. After clicking on an ad, users will be directed to the advertiser’s website instead of viewing the offering first. This change is designed to increase the number of advertisers in the carousel, providing more options to the travelers.

The images below show how the ad placements are displayed across different search pages.




Conversion Rate Consideration for Advertisers

Google Property Promotion Ads enhance hotel visibility in destination searches, placing your property in the consideration set for potential travelers. With the expanded carousel, there are more opportunities for advertisers to appear in the results, leading to lower CPCs. The increased competition in the auction may significantly increase user engagement with this placement, given the strategic position of these ads. Our analysts will monitor the performance impact over the upcoming weeks and follow up with a subsequent blog post.



As Google extends its 1-Click Model to desktop users, it becomes crucial to monitor user behavior and refine pricing and budgeting strategies. Adapting to these changes ensures that advertisers can effectively leverage Google’s latest ad innovations for maximum visibility and engagement.

At Koddi, we understand the importance of anticipating changes in the dynamic hotel industry auction. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate through all future shifts and leverage them effectively. Partnering with us provides the expertise and support needed to adapt, optimize, and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Reach out to the Koddi team and let us help you capitalize on this opportunity from Google.

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