Happy Holidays: A Year-End Thank You From Our Founders

As we come to the close of the year, we wanted to reach out to express our deepest appreciation for your partnership throughout 2020. Throughout all the challenges this year, we are proud of how our teams have worked together to navigate the many surprises we’ve faced. Though there are almost certainly more trials to come, we hope you can join us in celebrating some of the wins our teams have been able to achieve.

In Koddi Ads, the site monetization side of our business, we have undertaken an expansive replatform designed to make Koddi even easier to work with and integrate while providing better technical ad performance and enhanced user interfaces for both publisher and advertiser tasks. We’ve already been able to double delivery speed, even while adding tens of thousands of entities and additional capabilities and features. We have a deep appreciation for our publisher partners who have engaged with us on ideation, testing, and roadmap development, which has allowed us to average at least two major platform enhancements per month this year.

We know that it has been an especially trying year for our travel partners, many of whom had to make some very difficult decisions. Like you, we are hopeful that 2021 will be a positive rebound for the travel industry. Together, our teams have coordinated and collaborated in order to look after travelers and hotels by ensuring first the availability of critical travel information and policies was made available, by pivoting towards opportunities to maximize volume to hotels within the new market dynamic, and by adding new channels for hotels to increase their visibility. Despite record low travel demand for much of 2020, collaboration and agility between our teams to act quickly on new targeting and optimization strategies drove over an additional $1.5B in revenue for Enterprise clients.

This took the form of a record number of seven new major publisher integrations as well as COVID-19 and post-pandemic specific features designed to help advertisers better understand performance in their business and where they can drive new bookings. We now have even better and more powerful competitive intelligence and parity insights, new bidding functionality designed to minimize cancellations, and executive-level recovery dashboards to help contextualize trends and results. Automation in the Enterprise platform has been upgraded and extended to drive the best results possible in this new environment, and we’re launching upgraded predictive and optimization models in the weeks ahead that will further maximize revenue and booking volume.

The SMBs that we work with have faced some of the most significant headwinds this year. Supporting small businesses has been one of the greatest motivators for our team. Our teams have worked hard to engage with as many individuals as possible to design recovery plans. These are specifically created to meet the needs of individual businesses and are powered by industry-level data that we are uniquely positioned to derive actionable and meaningful insights from. 

Our Private Markets platform has continued to scale and evolve this year in exciting ways, and we’re grateful for the many small but mighty businesses that have partnered with us to improve usability and user experience while adding on enhanced automation and testing new publishers, programs, and channels. We’ve seen these programs already contribute meaningful business to PM users, and we are excited to help advertisers drive high volumes and returns as markets recover in 2021.

Our promise at Koddi is “to get the experience right, together.” We drafted this promise a number of years ago to help align our teams to our vision of how we should work in a spirit of growth and collaboration with our partners and clients as we continued to rapidly grow. We did not appreciate at the time how much it would come to serve us.

We’re grateful to be able to say that not only did we keep this approach in mind in our toughest year, but it has also been a key part of our ability to maintain a positive outlook as we face the path ahead. If you see any opportunities to work even better together, to co-create, or to solve a tough problem, feel free to email us directly. We’d love nothing more than to continue growing together.