Dayparting With Koddi Ads

One of the top features requested by advertisers in commerce media programs is dayparting. Dayparting is a strategy used by advertisers in PPC ad networks to schedule ads for certain times of day, or certain days of the week, to optimize performance. By understanding the conversion patterns and behaviors of customers, advertisers can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.


Why do advertisers like dayparting?

Advertisers are often looking to achieve a number of goals with dayparting:

  • Increased Efficiency: By prioritizing ad spend during peak times, or optimizing bids to reflect the appropriate conversion trends, advertisers can ensure that their ads are served to their target audience while deprioritizing times when people are less likely to make a purchase or conversion. This leads to more efficient use of advertising budgets and increased efficiency.
  • Better Conversion Rates: By reaching customers when they are most likely to convert, dayparting optimization can lead to higher conversion rates and more conversions driven. Advertisers can take advantage of this by delivering more compelling and relevant ads during peak hours.
  • Improved Customer Experience: By delivering relevant ads during peak times, dayparting optimization can enhance the customer experience. Customers are less likely to be annoyed by irrelevant ads and are more likely to engage with content that is of interest to them.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: By analyzing data and customer behavior patterns, advertisers can make data-driven decisions on when to run or prioritize their ads. This leads to more effective advertising campaigns and better results.


Considerations For Your Ad Network

There are also a number of things you should consider as a commerce media network publisher:

  • Limited Reach: If an on/off approach is applied and ads are only serving during peak hours, advertisers may limit their reach and miss potential customers who are not available during those hours. This may result in a smaller target audience and decreased return on advertising spend. Having the right dayparting strategy for your network is key here. For example, setting up standardized time segments (morning, afternoon, evening) may be better than doing it by hour. A detailed analysis of your network’s data, simulation and testing can be used to determine the best path forward.
  • Reporting: Dayparting targeting relies heavily on data and customer behavior patterns. Reporting needs to be really available for all targets and audiences.
  • Ease to Implement: Implementing dayparting optimization should be easy for advertisers.


How to Configure Dayparting in Koddi Ads in 2 Simple Steps

Dayparting within Koddi Ads can be easily achieved using Dynamic Targeting. Dynamic Targeting is 100% configurable and can be implemented and applied to fit your network’s needs.

Dayparting targeting can be configured at:

  • The hourly level (1 – 24)
  • In standardized time segments (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • In traffic buckets (peak traffic, peak engagement, etc.)
  • Or in a way that conforms to your advertiser’s expectations (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Each of these parameters can be configured to allow exact match targeting (on/off), multipliers or percentage based bid modifications, or a flat value bid boost.

Step 1: You can configure buying options directly on the Koddi UI, under Admin Tools / Targeting Configuration / Create Configuration. Just fill in the fields and click “Save Configuration.” This can be done in only a couple of minutes!



Step 2: Add audience details to the targeting block on the winning ads call – you easily implement run-time parameters in the Koddi API from your e-commerce or third-party customer data platforms (CDPs) such as Segment, Tealium, Bloomreach, or Amperity (to name a few).


In Conclusion

We can help!

If you’re an existing Koddi Ads publisher, your Koddi team can help you configure dayparting in no time.

If you’re not an existing Koddi Ads publisher and you’re interested in learning more about how Koddi Ads can help accelerate your commerce media network, reach out to schedule some time with our team. We’d love to chat!