Top Ways to Maximize Conversions and Performance on OTAs

Koddi has continued to see strong performance on OTAs later into the 2023 summer season than in years past. These channels are effectively managing the drop in demand levels and avoiding the end-of-summer downturn. With fall right around the corner, now is the prime opportunity to capture the last bit of transient travel as the school year goes into full swing.

In this article, we will highlight markets with competitive CPCs where there may be potential to capitalize on prime bargains, considering current marketplace averages. Additionally, we will dive into several recommendations to maximize conversions on these channels, driving stronger performance and ensuring you get the most value from your advertising dollars.



Markets with Competitive CPC’s

While several markets are experiencing increased spending levels, our data indicates that certain markets have particularly low CPCs on Expedia TravelAds and Booking Network Sponsored Ads. These markets listed below may provide competitive deals, as they show strong average returns while maintaining CPCs that are below the regional average.


Miramar Beach, Florida, USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Buffalo, New York, USA
Vienna, Austria
Manchester, England
Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA
São Paulo, Brazil
Warsaw, Poland


Recommendations for Maximizing Conversions on OTAs

There are several ways to leverage the Koddi platform to stay competitive during this season to capture more targeted and valuable clicks:

Budget according to Koddi’s AI-generated recommendations: By utilizing the Recommendation Engine in the Koddi platform, you can benefit from budget recommendations tailored to your hotel for both the current and future months. The machine learning model captures historical data along with thousands of other data points to ensure that your media mix maximizes opportunities against your hotel’s compset.

Leverage automation to optimize campaigns, saving time and increasing performance: You can boost performance for your hotel with just one click. Hotels utilizing Koddi’s automation can see a 93% increase in bid adjustments over the course of a month. Additionally, budgets are adjusted 27 times more frequently than non-automated hotels to maximize overall utilization. These dynamic performance-driven adjustments result in an average 27% percent increase in return on investment compared to manual management strategies. Automation can effectively optimize bids and budgets, enhancing CPC efficiency and working to improve returns based on market performance.

Utilize Bid Boost targeting to drive meaningful conversions and enhance visibility: Bid Boosts are a valuable tool for maximizing conversions and ensuring that your campaigns capitalize on opportunities to target travelers more effectively with a strategic approach. We’re seeing strong performance for the bid boosts outlined below, which could help you leverage market demand for improved campaign performance.

  • Expedia TravelAds
    • Top performing bid boosts for maximizing conversions:
      • Check-in window: 0-48 hours
      • Business traveler
      • Traveler within 100mi / 161km
    • Top performing bid boosts for increasing visibility:
      • Check-in window: 0-2 weeks
      • Mobile traveler
      • Length of stay: 3-5 days
  • Booking Network Sponsored Ads
    • Top performing bid boosts for maximizing conversions:
      • Desktop
      • Length of Stay  <= 2
      • Travel Window <= 2
    • Top performing bid boosts for increasing visibility:
      • Mobile
      • Length of Stay <= 4
      • Travel Window <= 2


The Koddi team is ready to assist with maximizing your advertising budget so you get the most out of your strategic marketing efforts. Get in touch with our team today or adjust your campaigns in the Koddi platform to take advantage of this prime marketing opportunity!