P2P Live 2022: Key Learnings and Insights

Koddi’s commerce media leaders are just back from the Path to Purchase Institute’s P2P Live conference at the Hilton in Downtown Chicago. Retailers, brands and industry experts converged with a shared goal — unlocking the next big trends in how best to optimize tech platforms to better serve customers.

These are the three big trends we gleaned, as the top marketplaces focus on the future.


On-Site and In-Store Ad Personalization

  • A key topic we heard retailers discussing throughout the P2P event was creating innovative ways to personally connect with consumers in-store.
  • According to Insider, “76% of consumers indicated that personalized messages to facilitate brand consideration generated attachment to a brand.”
  • Markets are now able to leverage these insights through personalization in their targeting; consumers are more likely to purchase items that are advertised to best fit their needs.


Commerce Media Profitability Offsets Inflation

  • According to the U.S. Census, in the past year, the median income for all U.S. households has increased by 4.7% while the inflation rate has increased by over 8.5%.
  • The consumer’s purchasing power has decreased causing retailers to find new ways to generate income. One of those paths is optimizing a successful commerce media program.
  • Commerce media programs are able to offset inflation by creating a new source of income. Marketplaces with increased revenue are able to cover the losses inflation is causing to the consumers.


Build Versus Buy a Commerce Media Program

  • No matter the approach, commerce media programs all have the same goal – how to optimize their approach so that it is personalized to their own and consumers’ needs, generating boosted incremental revenue.
  • Marketplaces need to create a commerce media program fast and efficiently. One of the ways they are doing this is partnering with a trusted supplier and buying the commerce media program.
  • Even the biggest retailers may partner with a company like Koddi to launch a custom program quickly and impactfully, then work to drive more control over the program as time goes on.
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