Advanced Reporting: Smarter Tech, Enhanced Insights

Performance reporting is an essential component for measuring the success of an advertising campaign. Doing so allows the advertiser to monitor and track critical performance data and plan for future success. Koddi is committed to driving innovation through leading technological improvements and enhanced user experiences – as such, we’ve introduced new advanced reporting capabilities for our travel industry clients using our Enterprise platform.

The new advanced reporting capabilities give users the ability to view more in-depth reporting, easily and efficiently – all in one place. It offers improved functionality and ease of use, and offers endless opportunities for viewing performance data.



Koddi’s advanced reporting takes performance reporting to an entirely new level, creating a one-stop-shop for viewing key performance metrics and insights. Users can now view reporting data all from the system directly (instead of exporting a separate data file). Not only does this improve overall ease of use for an improved user experience, it also offers more advanced capabilities, minimizing the need to export data in order to perform operations that were once only possible via Excel or other reporting software. It also significantly simplifies the process by running all of these functions within the centralized application, saving valuable working time.

Additionally, users can now sort all performance data at rapid speed. If a user wanted to sort their hotel performance data by clicks, in descending order, the Advanced Reporting Grid will load that information immediately, with zero lag time – 5x faster than the previous loading time.

Take a look at the convenient UI below, displaying the column filtering option. This gives users the ability to customize their reports in a faster, more streamlined way, based on the filters they select from the drop-down box.


In-Depth Reporting

Along with greater functionality and ease of use, the new advanced reporting capabilities also enable more in-depth enhancements. While all reporting data remains the same, users can now select and stack multiple reporting filters and dimensions, generating specific and tailored results.

For example, after selecting a set of hotel properties, these improved advanced reporting capabilities will now instantly create a report based on the desired fields and dimensions selected, including: campaign clicks, cost, ROAS, impressions, etc. Reports can be generated on an individual dimension level, or with multiple dimensions together. After producing the report based on the chosen dimensions, all reports can be exported and sent directly from the platform. Not only does this allow for more tailored reporting, it’s much more efficient and provides greater functionality for users.


Custom Charts

Koddi’s new advanced reporting system provides a more tailored and personalized experience for users that’s both efficient and effective. Beyond its dynamic reporting functions, all reporting data can instantly be converted into a chart, with various additional settings, data, and format options available. All chart information can be viewed based on the dimensions selected and includes the ability to stack multiple dimensions together. In addition, users can choose a specific chart type, including bar graphs, pie charts, area, and histogram charting. All charts can instantly be exported as either a CSV or Excel file.

The Advanced Reporting Grid has made viewing performance data completely customizable, while also increasing reporting speed and efficiency. For example, if a user wants to view the total revenue of their top ten performing hotels, they can simply highlight the revenue column for those properties, and the Advanced Reporting Grid will instantly display the sum of the total revenue. From there, users can view the performance of the selected hotels compared to their overall campaign average, immediately. To do this prior to the Advanced Reporting Grid, users would have to reload their report multiple times, or copy and paste their data to Excel to view an updated report.


Koddi’s updated advanced reporting tech offers endless capabilities for generating, viewing, and sending performance reporting information. This enhancement not only increases speed and efficiency, but gives users an endless amount of information and data – enabling improved reporting functionality and a more streamlined user experience.