Webinar Replay: The Rise of Private Marketplace Ad Programs

As third-party tracking declines, advertisers are challenged on how to remain effective and decide the best monetization strategy moving forward. There are two different paths that they can take:

  1. Fight the change and build solutions that subvert or work around privacy-first measures, or
  2. Build new, privacy-first solutions that protect user data

Customers care about data privacy and so should brands that care about their customers. The good news is that there is a way to monetize through advertising while accounting for new privacy and security standards — with private marketplace ad programs.

A private marketplace (PMP) is a real-time bidding environment where a publisher makes its inventory available to select advertisers through an invite-only process. Advertisers spent more in PMPs than on the open exchange in 2020, and PMP spend is expected to exceed $14 billion this year.

Koddi recently partnered with eMarketer on a Tech-Talk Webinar titled “The Rise of Private Marketplace Ad Spend,” presented by Connor VanDaveer, Senior Program Manager of Koddi Ads.

Download the recording to learn why private marketplace ad programs are beneficial for sellers, buyers, and operators. You’ll also hear more about:

  • Why PMPs are gaining momentum and how they differ from the open exchange
  • How to develop your own PMP monetization strategy
  • Tips on how to get started, go to market, and measure success

Click here to access the webinar replay.

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