Koddi Ads

Whether you’re a retailer, food delivery platform, or OTA, you can drive incremental revenue in less than 60 days with a native ad program that works.


Koddi offers the most comprehensive ad program available, running billions of ad auctions per day and providing a highly scalable, low-latency solution with an enterprise-class ad platform, out-of-the-box advertiser tools, and complete program management.

Enterprise-class Ad Platform

With over 13 years of experience in powering global programs, Koddi Ads' robust platform is proven in its engineering, product, and support. Koddi Ads tailors to any brand seamlessly with total customization capabilities.

Tailored Implementations

From off-the-shelf to tailored implementations, Koddi Ads comes complete with all the capabilities required to deploy a ready-made advertising program. Everything is configurable via the API from internal administration and reporting to brandable interfaces.

Expansive Program Management

Koddi has helped publishers evaluate, analyze, and deploy and execute ad programs. We can provide services to onboard and educate advertisers as well.

Maximizing Program Success

Koddi Ads comes with an easy-to-use SMB interface for entry-level advertisers, as well as an enterprise interface for advanced advertisers. Targeting, bid optimization, campaign management, reporting, and co-op budget coordination help ensure the success of every advertiser.

Driving Scale for Over 13 Years




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Advanced Yield Optimization

Koddi Ads provides a real-time auction as well as a quality score system, allowing you to optimize ad results for margin potential, ad quality, seller score, click/conversion propensity and more.


Multi-Tier Budget Management

Our system allows advertisers to coordinate budgets from different sources including co-op and multi-tier, allowing corporate/regional/local and brand/franchisee-type businesses to participate in your program together.


Publisher Administrative Tools

Koddi Ads includes an easy-to-use reporting API with export and white-label reporting capabilities. The comprehensive program management platform also streamlines user management, supports SSO, and program admin.


Always-on Testing Capabilities

Koddi Ads provides support and the tools for a wide variety of testing capabilities--from launching a virtual auction on a subset of traffic, to determining A/B test structures and holdout groups with advertisers to measure the lift in conversion.


Complete Financial Reconciliation

Koddi Ads provides a comprehensive billing ledger with reconciliation capabilities as well as flexible API billing endpoints to integrate into existing billing systems so advertisers can be billed in advance or arrears, with promo credits, flexible attribution, and more.

Director of Partnerships, Major Travel Publisher

"Working with Koddi to develop a new Sponsored Listings program on our site was a fantastic experience. We got our program live quickly, and advertisers immediately began committing budgets and spending. Koddi has really been a true partner with us to strategize and execute on initiatives for program growth and expansion."

Ads Product Manager, Top 10 App Publisher

"Koddi’s team’s expertise helped us go from zero to live on our Sponsored Listings program in record time. Everything went exactly as they said it would, and they helped us think through a lot of the ins and outs of what we wanted to do. Our program is up and running, and we’re thrilled."

Maryellen D'Aiuto,
VP of Digital Marketing at Priceline

“Consumer behavior is never fixed. It constantly evolves, and we evolve in turn. Koddi Ads give us the flexibility to be responsive to shifting behaviors and sentiments, which is not only important in the current environment, but important at any time.”


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