European OTA Boosts Bookings by 30k With Koddi Enterprise

Case Study Highlights


Large European OTA


Attract more travelers and increase bookings in its Covid-19 recuperation efforts.




Following the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, a leading European OTA saw the opportunity to attract more travelers, and needed a way to increase awareness and bookings in an ongoing recuperation effort. This publisher partnered with Koddi to monetize its efforts and generate additional value by designing a solution like no other to expand its portfolio and increase its presence, capturing incremental revenue via sponsored listings along the way.


With over 13 years of experience managing global ad programs in the world of travel, Koddi leveraged its expertise to strategically deploy the Enterprise product to the specific needs of the client's industry. The Koddi team collaborated with the client to put its advanced, first-class technology to work in a multi-channel approach that included: switching from CPA to CPC campaigns, applying market trends and insights, leveraging Koddi’s proprietary campaign optimization tools to drive performance, and growing the client’s international brand awareness.


Koddi’s industry-leading Enterprise technology, combined with its world-class client services team helped the OTA client to scale its efforts with outstanding success. Thanks to the client’s increase in spend and willingness to test Trivago Sponsored Listings, Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements, and Google Property Promotion Ads, the project goals were not simply met, but remarkably exceeded. Together, we generated nearly $6 million in revenue, and increased bookings by over 30,000. This amounted to a 440% increase in revenue quarter over quarter – all while maintaining a favorably high ROAS rate.


million $ in revenue




increase in bookings

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