28.5% Increase in Client Click-Through Rate With Improved Location Targeting

Case Study Highlights


Large US Hotel Supplier


Improve client KPIs on Google


Leverage Google user location multipliers to improve ROAS/CVR


Roadside motels attract users who tend to book rooms when they’re in closer proximity to a property. Until recently, the most granular user location targeting available on Google Hotel Ads was on the country level. This left a gap in the targeting strategy – especially given the hotel supplier’s goal was to increase exposure for users more likely to convert based on location, while maintaining ROAS and conversion rate.


By partnering with the Koddi Enterprise team, the hotel client created a custom test solution to leverage the newly released and massively improved user location multipliers in Google Hotel Ads. With Google’s updated geotargeting capabilities, the supplier could then target unique users by state, county, city, and zip code – much more granular and specific than the previous multiplier capabilities.

Based on the hypothesis that users were searching for hotel locations nearby, Koddi and the hotel supplier strategized a plan to group properties by geographic region within the US, then target users in those regions at the highest multiplier level (green, left). Users surrounding the region also received a multiplier boost (blue), but the remaining users within the US maintained their previous bid level (grey). By customizing regions, this approach can be easily scaled to a client’s specific needs or priority areas.


By structuring the hotel supplier’s campaigns by region and utilizing geotargeting multipliers to boost nearby users, the Koddi Enterprise team saw an increase to the rate at which users clicked through the hotel supplier’s ads while maintaining booking volume and decreasing overall costs. This test’s success resulted in the strategy rolling out across Google campaigns.


increase in click-through rate


decrease in cost


increase in conversion rate

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