Sabre Utilizes Koddi Algorithm to Effectively Automate Bid Changes

Case Study Highlights




Automate metasearch bid optimization




As marketing channels continue to offer additional bidding levers within their platforms, Sabre and Koddi partnered to leverage a sophisticated product solution capable of navigating the increasingly complex metasearch landscape. By utilizing Koddi’s proprietary bidding automation algorithm, Sabre can set performance goals at the property level in an effort to gain the best real-time returns. With Koddi’s automation engine enabled, Sabre’s data strategists can successfully manage and scale a diverse portfolio of goals with consistency, timeliness, and flexibility that rivals traditional optimizations methods.


Sabre recruited a hotel brand to join a pilot program powered by Koddi’s automated bidding algorithm. Using Koddi’s best in class reporting and optimization platform, the brand was able to submit individual performance goals for each property. Koddi’s automated bidding algorithm offers real-time iteration, enabling Sabre to increase overall performance and drive additional direct booking strategies.


Following nine weeks of close observation by the Sabre and Koddi teams, the results of the automated Koddi algorithm were compiled and analyzed. With bid automation evaluating each query, the hotel brand’s properties increased their overall ROAS by 32% and received a 3% uptick in revenue per booking. These performance results led the brand to invest additional properties into Koddi’s proprietary algorithm. Leveraging bid automation, customers are able to effectively drive high returns while incorporating the methodology into the overall metasearch strategies.


decrease in human optimizations


increase in ROAS


increase in revenue per booking

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