Using Metasearch to Grow Brand Awareness for Tablet

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Reaching customers and demonstrating competitive pricing


Metasearch Management


The leading curator of boutique hotels, Tablet, specializes in matching travelers with unique travel experiences. Recognizing that would-be travelers were spending an increased amount of time comparing prices on metasearch sites, Tablet directed its focus to reaching these customers and demonstrating competitive pricing. To strategically scale their metasearch reach, Tablet sought a technology partner that could help the brand drive more bookings and attract new customers.


Koddi and Tablet did more than drive traffic to the highest converting properties. Together, we engineered a campaign that engaged with customers with whom Tablet’s boutique offerings would resonate. Thorough analysis, granular audience segmentation, and automation built the foundation of a campaign capable of systematically presenting compelling offers to a highly engaged user. We launched a campaign that focused on conversions that both improved the bottom line and drove more vital business goals.


Within 30 days of the campaign’s launch, Tablet saw a quick improvement across all of their key performance indicators. Through continual testing and optimization, these gains increased over time. The category of metasearch bookings, which had previously been on the decline, saw at its peak a 200% year over year increase. Customers coming from metasearch also became 17% more likely to turn into repeat customers, returning to Tablet to book again. As investment in metasearch increased, performance across all channels improved. A focus on driving loyalty caused all ships to rise.


increase in monthly bookings


increase in monthly traffic


increase in repeat customers

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