Google Testing New Experimental UI for Destination and Hotel Searches

Google has introduced a select audience to a new experimental UI for both destination and hotel-specific keyword searches. This trial experience enables hoteliers and advertisers to highlight captivating imagery and upcoming deals. Because summer is traditionally a peak season for the travel industry, this search result page enhancement will allow hoteliers to capitalize on growing summer demand in addition to providing increased opportunity to highlight property imagery. As travelers’ search experiences become more immersive and dynamic, this experimental UI could empower travelers to feel more confident and qualified when choosing a hotel or destination.


Updates Made to the Experimental Search Page

The experimental search page contains an expanded grid style that allows an additional hotel to be displayed upon a given traveler’s search, up to 6 from 3. This change has not only shifted the search display away from the traditional tower style of 3, but has also magnified imagery size to quickly captivate travelers’ attention.

As travelers search for their ideal stay, it’s important to highlight the most prominent features they will be looking for. The trial experience will replace the larger map imaging real estate on the initial results page with an updated grid style room that promotes types of hotel deals, hotel star rating, imaging, and a more direct callout text.


Updated Style:



Traditional Style:




While this updated style is currently limited to select audiences, its ability to promote hotel details quickly, especially during peak summer demand, will prove crucial. As Google expands these sorts of strategic auction initiatives to a larger pool of users, it will be imperative for hoteliers to stay ahead of this new technology so that they can prepare fully for and capitalize on summer demand surges. This balance of simplifying content while highlighting key features could improve confidence further along in a buyer’s booking journey.

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