Google Promoted Hotels Available on Mobile

Promoted Hotels placements have been introduced to mobile, expanding their presence on Google Hotel Search. As is the case in desktop search, Promoted Hotels will appear in one to two placements on the first page of the search query and will update based on the filters provided.

While scrolling through the properties listed, both the maps and filter drop down menus will be persistent throughout the search, allowing the user to update search parameters on the fly. In doing so, the listings will fully refresh and the user will be pushed back to the top of the list, allowing new properties to assume the Promoted Hotel placements slots.

The Sponsored Page, as detailed in our previous blog post about Promoted Hotels, will remain the page that users are directed to upon clicking. This is significant because the user will only see the pricing options from one advertiser without seeing pricing options from its competitors.

On the initial search result, there is only one placement presented to the user, either a Promoted Hotel or an organic placement. While this prominence increases the importance of the Promoted Hotel placement, an advertiser should also take into account that mobile users will be more likely to scroll through more options if only one ad is presented. Google also adds a callout to denote the number of properties available that fit the current search and filter descriptions.

Currently, Promoted Hotel placements are generally not assuming the top position across the mobile auction. Full auction bidding capabilities haven’t been released yet, but Promoted Hotel placements are based on current metasearch bids, which are more likely to be lower for mobile than they are for desktop across advertisers. Overall, these mobile Promoted Hotel placements are poised to become a big opportunity for gaining mobile clickshare.

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