Improvements in Koddi’s Data Processing: 20X Speed Boost and the Impact on Access and Service

The spirit of innovation thrives at Koddi, and today, we’re excited to announce a series of enhancements that not only streamline our internal processes but also amplify customer and partner access to insights and actions.


Accelerated Data Processing for Earlier Impact Opportunities

Our team has introduced notable improvements in our data processing capabilities, resulting in a 20X increase in the speed of processing publisher data, while preserving the scale, detail, precision and quality that sophisticated advertisers require. With even faster access to publisher data now available, users will experience a greater impact on their businesses, get earlier insights and visibility into opportunities, and achieve a competitive edge. This enhancement reflects our commitment to providing unmatched service, ensuring that we drive excellence for all of our clients. This functionality is now in general release and is available across all accounts.


Extended Impact

For users leveraging Koddi Demand for SMBs, the impact extends even further. In addition to improving the user experience, this enhancement will guide smaller campaigns towards establishing a sustained market presence by enabling them to go live more quickly and remain active for longer.

For users and brands leveraging our data warehouse solutions, custom reports, or personalized feeds, this opens up new possibilities. Together, we can optimize delivery times and fully leverage these improvements to maximize impact across channels beyond Koddi.

If you’re curious about how these enhancements can directly benefit your operations or have any questions about them, please send us a message today.