Creating Hotel Campaigns in Google Ads

As you may have heard, Google is migrating Hotel Ads from the Hotel Ads Center to Google Ads this summer. The migration to Google Ads makes it possible for hotel advertisers to manage all of their campaigns in a single platform and gain access to richer ad management, powerful analysis, and more granular targeting options.

Download the Guide

As a beta partner, Koddi has worked with Google to build support for Google Ads in the Koddi platform. Our teams have done extensive testing for early adoption, ensuring that our customers don’t miss a beat during the migration process.

We’ve taken our learnings and turned them into a free guide for hoteliers. This guide will introduce you to Hotel campaigns, one of the latest updates to Google Ads and explain the key components that go into making a metasearch campaign on Google.

Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

  • Terminology
  • The Launch of Hotel Campaigns
  • The Benefits of Hotel Campaigns
  • How to Create a Hotel Campaign
  • How to Migrate to Google Ads
  • Campaign Best Practices

How to Create Hotel Campaigns in Google Ads

Click here to download the free guide for hotel advertisers. Still have questions about how to move your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads? Contact your Koddi account team or send us a message here.