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Generate increased conversions with auction-based quality scoring


Koddi Ads


After implementing a baseline ad auction with standard bidding, Koddi saw the opportunity to increase performance even further by implementing a click-through rate-based quality score within its commerce media client's marketplace ads program. Koddi sets relentlessly high standards when it comes to delivering quality solutions and continually seeks opportunities to drive iterative successes. As such, the marketplace client partnered with Koddi to improve its ad relevance and generate increased value by driving a better experience for the shopper, resulting in more clicks driven across the program and a higher conversion rate overall.


Koddi leveraged its expertise across multiple teams, including engineering, product, and program management, to build and deploy a custom quality score modifier based on bidder-level attributes. Using historical data, Koddi was able to determine the combinations most likely to drive customer interaction by creating a predictive scoring model based on product-level attributes. These scores were weighted against the original bid to give a final adjusted bid, ultimately determining the auction’s stacked ad rank and positioning within the marketplace framework.


Koddi Ads is among the commerce media industry’s best solution platforms, with world-class technological capabilities and best-in-class performance. Thanks to the marketplace client’s high engagement, Koddi delivered an increase of 45% in their conversion rate in under three weeks’ time. Additionally, working to get the experience right together, we improved their click-through rate by 55%, reducing total cost per conversion for the advertiser by 27% per lead.


increase in conversion rate


improvement in cost per conversion


increase in click-through rate

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