How a Hotel Brand Increased Incremental Bookings Utilizing Google Audiences

Case Study Highlights


Global hotel brand


Provide incremental booking volume at an efficient return level




A large hotel brand approached Koddi with the unique challenge of finding a new, efficient way to capture the maximum amount of booking volume from its loyalty members while maintaining high return on ad spend levels.


The collective teams leveraged Google Ads’ recently introduced Audience Targeting, combined with Koddi’s best in class reporting and optimization platform to appropriately report on performance and optimize multipliers in a fully automated fashion. By leveraging several distinct audience pools within Google, Koddi set the multipliers at a reduced level to collect data insights during an observatory period. The multipliers were then increased and brought into the daily bid automation, in turn fully maximizing booking volume at sustainable return levels.


Partnering with Koddi for implementation guidance, strategy curation, and advanced bidding and reporting allowed the client to improve its overall exposure to loyalty members on Google Ads. This resulted in a 20% increase to impression share for loyalty members, a 65% increase in loyalty bookings, and returns increased by 50%. By leveraging granular audience targeting and bidding, the client was able to drive effective booking volume with tailored brand awareness.


increase in impression share


increase in loyalty bookings


increase in returns

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