Choice Hotels Boosts Bookings with Google Hotel Ads Bid Solutions

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Choice Hotels


Focus marketing efforts and driving bookings to low occupancy hotels


Koddi Enterprise


With more than 550,000 rooms around the globe, Choice Hotels International needed to focus its marketing efforts and drive bookings to low occupancy hotels with the help of Google Hotel Ads. The company also wanted to better account for shifts in availability and focus its marketing efforts in areas that matter most.


By utilizing Google’s granular bid levers to increase visibility for low-occupancy hotels, Choice was able to reach travelers that were most likely to book, optimize efficiency, and scale the campaign. Choice Hotels partnered with Koddi to implement an innovative marketing strategy that factored occupancy data in real-time. Koddi’s software processed daily availability data and adjusted bidding strategies in Hotel Ads accordingly.


Properties at lower occupancy rates received more aggressive bids, which led to more traffic and greatly benefited Choice’s value brands: Rodeway and Sleep Inn. By leveraging occupancy data, Choice grew its traffic, bookings, and revenue while improving its return.

"Thanks to Google Hotel Ads and Koddi, we have been able to reach new customers and drive bookings where and when they matter most to better support our entire portfolio of properties.”

-Senior Director at Choice Hotels


lift in bookings


incremental revenue increase


improvement in ad spend ROI

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