Las Vegas Resort Accelerates Bookings and Revenue with Koddi Enterprise

Case Study Highlights


Luxury resort in Las Vegas


Invest additional budget to maximize incremental growth




A unique luxury resort in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip approached Koddi with an opportunity to invest more in metasearch. With an expanded budget to invest, the brand wanted to see how much more incremental growth Koddi could scale while maintaining its return goal. Since the account was already running in great health, our team had to analyze and identify new pockets of opportunity for investment.


To help our client achieve its goal, Koddi broke down each bid lever available on each publisher and identified trends in performance as well as in areas where there was room to invest more. One key tactic that our team utilized was “spike testing,” taking a group of properties or bid multipliers and increasing bids at a higher rate. When there was room to invest and increase visibility, Koddi optimized the bids and monitored performance. If the push returned additional volume and revenue, Koddi would then optimize to sustain that incremental growth while achieving the desired return goal. Koddi was able to utilize numerous reporting features and forecasting models to predict future performance.


After a month and a half of investing into pockets of opportunity, Koddi was able to increase monthly bookings by an average of 93%, revenue by 100%, and site traffic by 39%, all while meeting or exceeding the client’s monthly return goal. We look forward to continuing our partnership with this hotel and searching for new ways to help the brand grow and reach its goals.


increase in monthly bookings


increase in revenue


increase in site traffic

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