Sonder Boosts Incremental Bookings and Click Volume Utilizing Booking Network Sponsored Ads

Case Study Highlights




Acquire incremental bookings via additional channel.


OTA: BNSA (Booking Network Sponsored Ads)


When Koddi launched Booking Network Sponsored Ads (BNSA), Sonder, a hospitality company, emerged as a prime candidate to test this new product. Sonder offers a variety of thoughtfully designed accommodation options –from rooms and suites to full apartments– with an innovative app that empowers guests by making self-service features, local recommendations, and 24/7 on-the-ground support just a tap away. The company operates over 250 properties and ~9,000 units globally.

With their unique property inventory, Koddi and Sonder saw an opportunity to test performance and gather key learnings: ad campaigns were launched in the Spring. After strong early results, Sonder decided to invest more in BNSA and give Koddi the flexibility to scale growth and maximize opportunity, while aiming for Sonder’s return goals.


Koddi began with minimum bids to gather initial data, and then started scaling bids after a couple weeks’ worth of data was collected. Ad campaigns continued to perform well and bookings grew throughout the summer and autumn months.

Six months post-launch, the Sonder team saw an opportunity to capitalize on the upcoming holiday demand. They lowered their return goal by 40% which allowed Koddi to bid more aggressively and scale bids on top performing properties over time. Koddi also applied bid boosts on high-returning segments such as group travelers, specific user country targeting, and user device types, as well as targeting specific need dates.

The Koddi team met weekly with Sonder to discuss ways to continue scaling growth. At the end of each month, new goals for the following month were discussed and targeted to keep scaling growth.


Growth over the final three months of the year (October – December 2022) superseded the growth seen in the prior six months (April – September 2022) by a large margin. Sonder saw a 272% increase in bookings, and more than a 300% increase in revenue while driving an additional 331% in clicks. Even more, Sonder was able to stay at or above return goals and increased profit margins by almost 4x during this time period.


uplift in click volume


increase in bookings


increase in revenue

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