Using Quality Score to Improve CTR by Up to 25%

Commerce media is a new ad channel that’s seeing exponential growth, and 2023 is predicted to continue that growth trend. Koddi has a decade of running some of  the industry’s top ad programs, which uniquely positions us to lead the way in innovative features for Koddi Ads, our commerce media solution. Our latest release brings an industry-best enhancement to quality scoring, leveraging first-party data from each individual marketplace without publishers having to share that private data externally. Now commerce media publishers have immediate quality scoring that is automatically populated and optimized based on their own private market data.

What is it and how does it work?

The improved Quality Score feature leverages first-party data to empower every commerce media network with its own relevance scoring mechanism. This mechanism can activate as soon as seven days after launch. ensuring that ads shown to users are the most relevant possible. 

Quality Score uses historical data combined with client-provided product information to continuously predict which products are most likely to drive program growth. When applied in the auction model, Koddi Ads delivers a result set that is relevant to users to drive interaction with the ad in question.

What does this mean for commerce media publishers?

Koddi’s Quality Score improves its results via machine learning to continually improve and enhance commerce media performance – publishers saw increases to CTR of up to 25% during testing, which improved both daily volume and shopper experience.

Koddi is proud to offer the industry’s first tunable scoring model that operates at an individual program level in any industry – retail, travel, grocery, automotive, or any other.

For more details, check out the press release or contact Koddi today.