Travel Outlook: 2023 Spring Break Travel

Year after year, travel demand for the spring takes off as schools and students prepare for Spring Break in the month of March. Over 70% of American schools and universities hold their spring breaks during a two-week period in March. With time winding down, short term booking windows will see an aggressive increase in demand and booking volume.

In 2022, some spring break destinations saw demand increase by up to 86%. This year, we expect booking volume to increase on a larger scale compared to last year.


Top 5 Tips to Maximize Spring Break Traffic


In order to maximize the demand to your hotel over the upcoming spring break travel season here are our recommendations:

  1. Ensure flexible budgeting that allows your campaigns to address any influxes in demand. The demand per destination will fluctuate greatly throughout the weeks leading into Spring Break. Making sure you consistently have budget to meet this demand will maximize your revenue potential.
  2. Implement broad targeting across all destinations (both user and hotel) to make sure you are able to capture all the available traffic. Spring Break can bring traveler’s from any part of the country or world, make sure that you have ads serving for all of those users.
  3. Keep your rates and availability completely up to date and refreshed frequently. As many hotels sell out during these high demand times, its imperative that you make sure you aren’t exposing rates for non-existent rooms.
  4. Deploy Sponsored Placements to capture the full demand for your destination. Sponsored Placements will gather additional clicks and eyeballs on your property, which can be critical for maximizing your occupancy rate.
  5. Don’t assume the demand will be picked up regardless of your marketing efforts. With many users searching for these hotels, you may be thinking about reducing marketing efforts since “you’ll get the booking anyway”. Operating this way may lead to users booking competitor hotels or booking your hotel through a different advertiser.


  • All About Location


    Spring Break destination trends are diversifying, as travelers are looking for places to spend their Spring Break across the US. Here is a list of the top 20 cities in terms of demand for Spring Break, indicating their increase in demand over the past two weeks. We see a healthy mix of urban cities and beach destinations. 

    City PoP Demand Change City PoP Demand Change
    San Antonio 66% Fort Lauderdale 36%
    Houston 61% San Diego 35%
    Los Angeles 56% Miami Beach 31%
    Chicago 56% Miami 30%
    Atlanta 53% New Orleans 27%
    Austin 49% Nashville 24%
    Washington 39% Las Vegas 18%
    New York 39% Anaheim 17%
    Boston 39% Phoenix 14%
    Orlando 36% Honolulu 12%


    Air Travel Demand


    When looking at Spring Break travel, a great indication of potential hotel demand is how flight demand is trending. YoY, we have seen a 16% increase in domestic flight demand with urban and beach destinations leading the way.

    City Index City Index
    Las Vegas 100 Dallas 34
    New York 71 Seattle 33
    Miami 66 San Francisco 30
    Los Angeles 66 Houston 29
    Orlando 61 Boston 28
    Honolulu 54 Tampa 26
    Chicago 46 San Diego 25
    Denver 43 Fort Lauderdale 23
    Atlanta 41 Nashville 22


    We see some similarity between Spring Break destinations and the most in demand flight destinations as users start to shop for Spring Break flights.


    What Does This Mean for You?


    By following our 5 tips for maximizing your spring break travel, you can ensure that your hotel captures all the available demand for your destination and have a successful spring break campaign. Partnering with Koddi can ensure that you are able to execute against these marketing efforts and lead a successful launch to the historical busy season for Travel!

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