Retail Media: The Ultimate Guide

As retail media continues its exponential growth, top retailers are quickly moving to harness its potential for their own growth and revenue. With the demise of the third-party cookie, and innovation leading away from the keyword-based searches of yesterday, a first-party retail media program is the perfect opportunity to optimize multi-brand digital marketplaces, and increase revenue. 

To help more retailers join the retail revolution, Koddi presents Retail Media: The Ultimate Guide – What Retailers Need to Know to Maximize Revenue.

This ebook is a rich and holistic deep dive into retail media, containing topics such as:

  • What retail media is, and what multi-brand marketplaces stand to gain
  • Common pain points, and achievable solutions
  • Program best practices
  • A potential revenue estimator
  • And so much more

Here’s a sample of what retailers will find inside.


Retail Media 101: What Marketers Need to Know

Retail media, simply put, is a digital advertising approach allowing multi-brand marketplace operators to monetize their sites and drive increased revenue. Given COVID-19’s exponential impact on global e-commerce, providers, retailers, budgets, and overall activity are all growing at a swift pace; data from eMarketer indicates that e-commerce sales will exceed $1 trillion in 2022. 

Multi-brand e-commerce sites can capitalize on that growth with retail media; it allows advertising within an existing digital marketplace by brands who directly sell products through the site operator.


How Ads Optimize a Marketplace

Perhaps a large part of retail media’s success is how these programs create a net positive for the entire multi-brand marketplace ecosystem, benefiting each party involved – enhancing digital experiences for both advertisers and buyers while maximizing revenue-per-user for site operators.

After the 2020 – 2021 boom in e-commerce, it’s clear that retail media programs are here to stay. 2022 is the perfect time for retailers on the sidelines to join the field of digital optimization by implementing a program of their own. In a recent report, eMarketer predicted retail media programs to be one of the swiftest growing advertising strategies in the coming years, reaching up to $41.37 billion in 2022 alone – an increase of $10 billion over 2021.


Key Considerations for a Retail Media Program

Ultimately, there are some key considerations to keep in mind to ensure the program in question is optimized to its fullest potential. A retail media program should be:

  • Funnel Enhancing
  • Transparent
  • Relevant
  • Fast
  • Privacy First
  • Brand Safety
  • Revenue Impacting


Unlock Your Potential With a Revenue Estimator

When you empower your marketplace with a well-optimized retail media program, the possibilities can be nearly limitless. First, retail media holds the power to strengthen the relationships between retailers and their brand partners by adding a new dimension to dealmaking. Marketplaces benefit, and clients benefit from the delivered innovations in ad serving.

Of course, beyond improving relationships, retail media programs add significantly to a marketplace’s bottom line. Case in point: the Koddi Ads Potential Revenue Estimator – a convenient tool to predict possible revenue. This calculator uses a marketplace’s own statistics and key metrics to determine a custom projection of potential revenue, broken down on a monthly and annual basis.


Ready to discover what a custom native ad program can do for your multi-brand marketplace? Click here to receive your copy of Retail Media: The Ultimate Guide.