Introducing Koddi Price Intelligence

Introducing Koddi Price Intelligence

We’re excited to announce our latest innovation, Koddi Price Intelligence (KPI). This new feature, now being offered in beta on the Koddi platform, will allow our clients to gain a better understanding of price accuracy and competitiveness. These insights will give digital marketers an unrivaled look into how their brand stacks up to the competition when it comes to price.

Competitive pricing is vital to running an effective metasearch campaign. One of our studies revealed that price is the most important factor in choosing where to book for 61% of users. The high-impact insights we are able to gain in seconds using the Koddi Price Intelligence tool have the potential to drive millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

The KPI tool allows advertisers to tie price competitiveness and accuracy trends to revenue data easily. Advertisers are now able to quantify the exact impact that their rates will have on bottom line metrics at a user level. This level of granularity enables broader market, brand, and user behavior observation and informs data-driven campaign optimization and dynamic pricing strategies.

Before KPI, advertisers had to rely on inaccurate data from site scrapers and crawlers and attempt to link that data to performance manually. This process was slow, expensive, inaccurate, and unreliable. Now, advertisers can access detailed and accurate price competitiveness insights within the Koddi platform, quantifying the impact to their business and improving the quality of their offers.

Price accuracy and competitiveness are two key factors in determining the amount of hotel demand that an advertiser can address. This has long been a pain point for clients, so we’re excited to deliver this functionality to them in a way that directly supports their metasearch optimization efforts. With Koddi Price Intelligence, we’re able to drive more revenue for clients and help them outperform competitors while giving better experiences to consumers.

If you’re interested in test driving this feature in Koddi, reach out to your Koddi Account Manager. If you’re not a client yet, you can request a free demo to learn more.

Introducing Koddi Price Intelligence

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