Google Introduces Brand Filter for Hotel Search on Mobile

Brand Filter Google Hotel Ads

Google has quietly launched a new filter by brand feature for Hotel Search on mobile. Previously, users did not have this option, but now they can filter by their preferred hotel chain and its respective brands. This new feature follows closely at the heels of Google’s expanded insight tools for Google Flights and Google Hotels, a new landing page for Hotel Search, and a vacation rentals filter.

Brand Filter on Google Hotel Ads

In the example below, a search for “Marriott hotels in San Francisco” produced a list of Marriott properties in San Francisco and then – notably – included a drop-down box that allows users to choose the sister brands they want to be bundled within their results. Consumers are also presented with competing parent brands they can add to their search.

What Effect will Google’s New Filter Have on Metasearch?

This change could stimulate interesting shifts within metasearch, especially when we consider consumers with high brand loyalty. Users who tend to specify their desired brand choice within their initial search query will now be met with a smoother experience. This same group may also no longer see enticing deals offered by competing properties. Other audience groups, while not necessarily brand loyal, may still decide to filter out brands they do not recognize. This brand filter would close those individuals off from search results they would have otherwise seen in the past.

Once Google’s newest search filter catches on with the public, we can expect to see changing analytics in the months to follow. Choosing a tech partner equipped with the tools needed to monitor these KPIs will be an important factor in keeping up with shifts in the metasearch auction. For more information on Google Hotel Ads, click here to read our latest blog posts.

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