Google Experiments With Room Booking Module Placement

Google Room Booking Module Test

Changes could be coming soon to the layout of Google’s hotel search, based on our recent findings here at Koddi. Our team noticed a new modification to the layout of the metasearch results and room booking module in Google’s hotel search. In the screenshot above, you can see the new test locations highlighted in blue. Currently, this experience appears to be a test from Google, as it is only available to a limited number of users. The screenshot below shows what the typical user experience looks like.

Google Room Booking Module

Since this relocation of the hotel listings appears to be a test, it doesn’t hold much significance for advertisers. However, if Google pushes this change live to a wider set of traffic and device types, this would allow travelers to see a greater variety of information and options for hotels within the same view.

Today, the room booking module does not see the highest volume of traffic due to its location being further down the page. Instead, the current design emphasizes the metasearch hotel listings. If the room booking module moves higher up the page, more customers may easily book a specific room type as they filter through available dates and rates. This could begin to impact the conversion traffic as searchers can easily see different types of rooms at the same time as metasearch results before they commit and click.

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