Five Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

If the goal of your metasearch campaign is to get clicks that turn into bookings, it’s important to create a smooth booking experience for users once they land on your website. We looked at multiple hotel sites to gather data on some of the ideal practices to improve conversion rates for bookings.

Below are five best practices we found amongst landing pages with high conversion rates:

1. Minimize clicks to book – We found sites with the highest conversion rates had the lowest amounts of clicks to bookings. These sites averaged two clicks to book–one to chose the room and one to confirm the reservation. Limiting the number of clicks and pages a user has to go through to confirm a booking on your site, can help to ensure there is little reason for a user to drop out of your funnel.

2. Easy to change date and guest filters – Once the user is on your landing page, you want to make sure it is easy for them to update the date or number of guests for the booking. Some best practices we have seen are clear sections at the top or side of the landing page. This gives the user the ability to easily see other pricing options for different dates without leaving your site.

3. Multiple room options – Sites with higher conversion rates gave their users multiple room options (on average between nine and ten) once they had selected the date and number of guests. This provides options for users to customize their stay while staying within the parameters of their chosen dates. By having room options listed on the landing page you reduce the number of clicks needed for the booking.

4. One price point per room – Along with having multiple room options, we found it is best to only offer one price per room. It is easy to assume that giving the consumer more pricing options would lead to higher conversion rates, but as mentioned in a previous post on landing page optimization, one price provides better conversions. The idea is to keep your funnel clean and easy for the consumer to choose their room and complete the booking. Too many price options will overwhelm and drive the user out of the funnel.

5. Call to action – Once users have decided on the room and price, it is best to have a distinct call to action for them to book the room. Including a “book now” or “book this room” button will allow users to click to proceed with booking their room.

We have created an example of a landing page below that demonstrates some of these best practices. You can clearly see the date/guest bar at the top as well as the room options and call to action. Although these five points do not promise conversions, we have found they are best practices for an ideal conversion funnel and can be impactful for your metasearch campaigns.

Ideal Landing Page Design for Hotels

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