Reaching the right audience at the right time has always been a key component of a successful ad campaign. Until now, advertisers have had to rely on the use of third-party cookies in order to effectively reach their intended audience. While effective, the use of third-party cookies still gave publishers limited control and reach, and compromised the privacy and online security of users.

As consumers begin to prioritize their online privacy and security, advertisers can no longer rely on third-party cookies to effectively advertise. In response, Koddi has designed a new method to target online consumers even more precisely than third-party cookies ever could. Introducing Koddi Ads‘ newest feature: dynamic targeting.


What is Dynamic Targeting?

Dynamic targeting is an innovative new feature that allows publishers to segment relevant audiences that are specific to their marketplace. Advertisers can then target their audience, ensuring that their ads are being shown to the most-likely-to-convert customers.


How Does It Work? 

Using dynamic targeting is simple:

  1. Publishers relay their desired target segments to Koddi.
  2. From there, a Koddi program manager will  set up their target segments within the platform.
  3. Advertisers can then select and combine the target segments of their choice to maximize their bid strategy.


How Do You Benefit From Implementing Dynamic Targeting? 

Publishers can now use their own first-party data, giving them access to more advanced performance reporting and precise targeting capabilities. This allows for the ability to easily create audience segments tailored to their advertisers based on their consumer data, all while remaining completely free of third-party cookies and GDPR- and CCPA-compliant. This not only provides consumers with increased online security and privacy, but it also creates clear benefits for advertisers as well, increasing their transparency, targeting capabilities, and accuracy.

In addition, dynamic targeting can increase advertisers’ target reach and ensure their spending is effective and successful by utilizing the unique target segments created for them. Advertisers can combine several audience segments at once, refining targeting strategy even further. This ensures they are reaching exactly the right target, at the right time.

The potential use cases of dynamic targeting are vast, giving various industries – such as travel and hospitality, retail, automotive, and more – the ability to use the tech in ways that are customizable to their unique needs. This feature can be used across the board through multiple industry spaces, for example:


  • Travel and Hospitality: Being able to target specific guests can be a great benefit for hotels and properties. With dynamic targeting, a hotel can choose the exact travelers they want to target by creating segments based on a guest’s length of stay, the number of travelers per group, business or vacation travelers, and weekday or weekend travelers.


  • Retailers: Retail shoppers can vary by age, gender, and demographic, making it hard for advertisers to target one exact shopper. As a result, retail industries can benefit by honing in on specific audience groups. Dynamic targeting allows retailers to choose segments such as a user’s basket size, purchase history, age range, and brand loyalty to position advertisers in front of shoppers who are most likely to purchase.


  • Auto Industries: Dynamic targeting can be of significant benefit for auto industries, allowing them to target precise consumers. Auto industries can create segments to target shoppers looking at certain targeting dynamics such as device type, customer demographics such as gender, and returning customers.


Dynamic targeting can take your marketplace to new heights. Creating the ability to provide great insight into customers’ shopping habits and interests, increase purchases, and drive your revenue further than ever before, all while ensuring privacy-first security.

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