Boosting Incremental Volume and Bookings with TripAdvisor Sponsored Placements

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Provide incremental volume using TripAdvisor Sponsored Placements




A leading, global hotel brand challenged Koddi with finding a way to capture more bookings and drive more volume with TripAdvisor outside of the standard metasearch placements. In addition, the brand wanted to increase its efficiency with TripAdvisor’s updated Sponsored Placements auction model, which rolled out in March 2019. While our client had been running Sponsored Placements since the beginning of 2018, the auction model was previously based on a flat CPC. The new auction update made Sponsored Placements biddable, presenting an opportunity for more flexibility and customization.


When TripAdvisor updated its auction model to be variable based on the performance of each hotel participating in Sponsored Placements, it used the API to make the model biddable, allowing bid changes to be made in real-time. Since Koddi’s reporting can show performance at the most granular level for each hotel, we gained insight into properties that would benefit from increased visibility. Our team of experts then adjusted the bids of each hotel accordingly.


Combining this auction update from TripAdvisor with Koddi’s best in class reporting and optimization technology created better efficiency and more flexibility. Since the Sponsored Placements auction update, the placement shows 2.5x volume over TripAdvisor metasearch at 51% lower CPC. Interestingly, during the first month after the auction model changed, for hotels where the metasearch placements were already maxed out (e.g. where rank was already above 1.5), Sponsored Placements drove even more volume. These properties saw an increase in click volume by 650% over metasearch with a CPC 75% lower than metasearch. These properties also showed an incremental booking volume lift of 138% and a lift in revenue by over 100%.


uplift in click volume


decrease in cost per click


increase in bookings

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