Campaign Templates: Streamlining the Ad Creation Process

Digital media campaigns are the foundation for advertising in today’s digital world; however, when it comes to building a successful campaign, many advertisers don’t know where to start. While each advertiser’s specific goals are unique, many strive to achieve similar objectives. These objectives may be simple, such as getting started quickly with wide visibility, or they may be more specific with precise audience targeting. To meet all kinds of goals, the Koddi Ads team created a new feature within its Koddi Ads product, Campaign Templates. This feature simplifies the experience of launching a successful ad campaign for advertisers and empowers publishers to create unique Campaign Templates that support their business and the needs of their advertisers.


What are Campaign Templates?

Campaign Templates are a Koddi innovation that allows commerce media publishers to create a framework for prebuilt ad campaigns that can be offered to all their advertisers. These campaigns can be either basic in their settings or can be more advanced with customizations such as goal type or audience targeting. After the publisher determines the framework for a campaign template, advertisers will then see and be able to use the template when they create new campaigns, and can determine just a few parameters like dates, goals, budget, and scope. Publishers can ensure that advertisers are equipped to build effective ad campaigns, while advertisers can launch their campaigns easily and begin meeting their advertising objectives swiftly.

Driving Real Results

Koddi launched Campaign Templates in partnership with a travel advertising program. A simple Quick Start campaign template optimized visibility by targeting all travelers searching for hotels within the advertisers’ market. Within the first month, the campaign showed promising results, proving the efficacy of Campaign Templates while also revealing advertisers’ need for additional Campaign Templates in other areas.

  • Shifts in User Behavior: One of the biggest wins of the Quick Start campaign was the shift in user behavior. Over 50% of campaigns created in the first month were through the template, with these campaigns being primarily created by new advertisers. This template makes the ad creation process more accessible and user-friendly, leading to an over 30% decrease in cost to support new advertisers, compared to baseline.
  • Reduced Time Window: Another significant benefit of the Quick Start campaign was a shorter time window between account creation and first spend. Specifically, we have seen a 75% decrease in time to onboard a new advertiser, compared to baseline. This reduction in time has allowed advertisers to ramp up their hotels’ visibility, leading to significant increases in revenue and occupancy.
  • High Performance: The Quick Start campaigns show strong performance with a 50% higher media performance, compared to baseline. This high performance proves the Quick Start template’s value in creating effective ad campaigns with little effort required from the advertiser.
  • Simplified Experience: The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, as most users find the process more intuitive and simplified. Users with no advertising experience benefit from the explanations and recommendations provided, while experienced users see the value in getting a campaign live and spending with just a couple clicks.


Interested in Learning More?

Koddi is committed to delivering value to publishers by creating tools that increase advertiser performance and satisfaction. Campaign Templates are an excellent example of how innovation and the Koddi team can simplify and improve business processes within digital advertising.

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