Koddi Named One of the Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech

We’re excited to announce that Koddi made the list of ‘10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Technology’ in the 2018 HotelTechAwards.

Over 100 vendors from more than 40 countries participated in this year’s HotelTechAwards. Koddi received second place, and we are honored to be featured alongside such great companies in the industry.

The Hotel Tech Report team surveyed thousands of employees around the world on factors including office location, satisfaction with management, work/life balance, and career growth opportunities. We’re proud of our culture at Koddi and the attention that is given to each of these areas of the company.

Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity in 2018, we’re hiring! Check out our careers page to see our open positions at all four office locations.

Top-Rated Social Media Technology

Koddi was also recognized for our social product in the 2018 HotelTechAwards. We won first place in the Social Media Tools category on Hotel Tech Report’s website, which leverages real customer data to help hoteliers choose best-in-class products and grow their bottom lines.

“When you look at the explosions of channels that marketers must manage and the complexity of the traveler purchase process – it’s overwhelming. Metasearch and social ads are revenue drivers for hotels everywhere, and Koddi has created a product that helps save marketers time and get better results,” said Adam Hollander, Cofounder at Hotel Tech Report. “We were blown away by how much Koddi users truly love the product.”

Best Social Ad Platform | HotelTechAwards by Hotel Tech ReportHere are a few things our clients are saying on Hotel Tech Report:

“Koddi’s technology and experts are proactive, curious and constantly innovating in the metasearch and social space to gain intelligence and learnings for their partners. The company is also performance-driven and delivers against their partner’s KPIs and goals.” -Global Digital Marketing Manager

“Koddi’s software is very dynamic and enables fast and efficient analysis, offering the ability to make quick decisions to improve efficiency. Koddi is always listening to feedback and developing their interface to the needs of their clients.” -Sr. Manager, Distribution

“Over the last year and a half, I’ve made substantial shifts in our overall budget allocations, and the data-driven performance and forecasting accuracy provided by Koddi has been instrumental to that. But the platform is really only as good as the support you receive behind it and that is also where Koddi shines. The team is communicative, thorough, and always provide data-driven insights.” -Sr. Director, Search and Affiliate Marketing

To see more of our customer testimonials or leave your own, visit our page on Hotel Tech Report.