Target In-Market Travelers with Trip Consideration

Target In-Market Travelers with Trip Consideration on Facebook

Facebook continues to add more to the toolbox for travel advertisers. The latest vertical solution, which uses general travel intent, is trip consideration. It helps travel advertisers reach users who are in-market to travel but have not decided on a specific destination.

Leveraging this new feature is easy and can be very effective for travel advertisers. This solution is a great way to put a brand or direct response message in front of a user with travel intent as opposed to only using core targeting exclusively.

What Makes Trip Consideration Unique?

  • Trip consideration will prioritize deliver for people who have expressed travel intent, rather than optimizing for clickers.
  • As an optimization layer and not an actual audience, trip consideration can be used in conjunction with other audiences where interests and behavior targeting act as filters.
    Since trip consideration doesn’t require a catalog, this is the easiest travel-intent-based audience to leverage.

How Is Trip Consideration Different from Broad Audiences?

When comparing trip consideration to broad audiences on Facebook, there are a couple of unique distinctions and features to consider:

  • Creative for trip consideration is static whereas broad audiences is dynamic and based on what your catalog makes available.
  • Trip consideration is intended to fit as an upper funnel play, allowing you to customize messaging and segment targeting in order to best fit your brand/deal/promotional effort. Broad audiences is considered a mid-funnel solution and uses intent based on destinations.

Requirements and Use Cases

This new feature only requires you to already have the Facebook pixel on site, and it does not require a catalog since it doesn’t support the catalog sales objective campaigns. As we mentioned above, the best way to leverage trip consideration is to showcase travel deals and popular or inspirational destinations, with brand-building creative.

In order to use or turn on trip consideration, look for a toggle during ad set creation in the ‘Optimization & Delivery’ section. Turning on this toggle will turn on trip consideration optimization.

Optimization and Delivery | Facebook Ads

Trip consideration can be used for website conversion objectives. By adding additional audiences, they act like filters/segments and would be ideal if you bid differently for them. Some examples that will make great segments while using trip consideration are HHI (household income), LAL (lookalike audience) of loyalty member tiers, and DMAs (Designated Market Areas).

With the addition of trip consideration, Facebook now provides a full suite of travel specific solutions which are tailored for travel advertisers. To learn more about Facebook Travel Ads and how you can create a full-funnel strategy, contact our social team.

Target In-Market Travelers with Trip Consideration on Facebook