Scaling Koddi’s Travel Solutions

Scaling Koddi's Travel Solutions

Today is a tremendous day for the Koddi team. This morning, we announced the acquisition of the former HookLogic travel business from market leader Criteo. Here’s a link to the announcement we made this morning.

I wanted to provide additional color as to why this is not only important for the growth and success of Koddi and the new team joining us, it’s an important step to help our travel partners do a better job connecting with their customers.

What does this mean for our customers?
By adding the former HookLogic assets from Criteo to the Koddi team, we will be able to drive more booking volume to our customers at higher efficiencies. Our shared customers will get more access and insights, with more streamlined opportunities to drive more scale in their campaigns. We’ll be able to open new demand streams for customers and focus in on exactly the kind of bookings they need to impact their business in meaningful ways.

What does this acquisition bring to Koddi?
The HookLogic travel business includes a high-scale delivery platform, self-service front ends, a robust set of APIs, and accountable analytics and monitoring that will allow Koddi clients to respond to more market demand and expand on the services we’re able to deliver. The team has deep technical and strategic expertise in the travel vertical.

How did this happen?
Koddi and the HookLogic team have a long-standing relationship built on technology collaborations and bespoke client solutions dating back to 2014. Based on the strength of our existing partnership, Koddi’s clear focus on travel, and the companies’ joint customer-base, it became evident combining our strengths would create more opportunities for employees and customers while creating a major force in travel technology.

Where is this all heading?
Data is fueling the most interesting and meaningful innovations in the travel technology industry. Solutions that have been promised for years are finally beginning to catch up and be tangible for brands and advertisers. This acquisition gives our clients access to and solutions that will this lead to tremendous efficiencies in decision making, driving greater bookings and ultimately greater revenue.

As we’re doubling down on the travel space with our partners, expect to hear more from us on how the industry evolves and gets better connecting with its valuable consumers.

Scaling Koddi's Travel Solutions

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