Google Updates Qualified Rates in Hotel Ads on Desktop

This week, our team observed a subtle adjustment in how Google Hotel Ads displays qualified rates. A qualified rate is a type of fenced rate that is shown to the user when a reduced loyalty program price is available through the property’s official site. Google’s newest desktop user interface, pictured below, features the caption “GET PRICE” in all-caps, a larger font size, and in an eye-catching traffic-light green color.

Qualified Rates Google Hotels

This new price callout is currently on desktop only, while the mobile UI continues to display the word “View” in bold in the same font size and color as the other listed rates.

Qualified Rates Hotel Ads Mobile

While a seemingly small adjustment, it will likely have an impact on consumer clicks due to the standout coloring & size. Green is a welcoming, stimulating color, especially among a list of otherwise black text. Additionally, “GET PRICE” is a more active call to action than the relatively passive term “View”.

Following this tweak to qualified rates, we expect to see an increase in clicks on the featured properties, especially if this change rolls out to mobile devices as well. In light of this update, now may be a great time for hoteliers to utilize Google’s loyalty pricing callout feature. Loyalty rates are not detected natively, but instead, require coordination with Google to set up.

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