Opportunities on Kayak Mobile

Metasearch Opportunities on Kayak Mobile

Kayak launched a new mobile experience a couple of months ago that allows its users to view a wider array of advertisers when searching on mobile.

User Interface Updates

Previously, when a user would click on a hotel, the resulting hotel page would display only one advertiser above the “More” link. More often than not, that ad was for a booking on Kayak offer.

In the updated mobile experience, Kayak has added space for four offers. This means advertisers that provide competitive rates and sufficient bids will have more opportunity to snag a spot above the fold. This update offers users a wider selection of hotel deals to choose from, enhancing the user experience on Kayak mobile.

Kayak Mobile Hotel Search

International Opportunity

With four new spots now available, advertisers should start testing new mobile bidding strategies as soon as possible. Mobile has become an integral part of the booking process, and while there may be lower conversion rates when compared to desktop, there is still a lot of value to be had.

If the lower conversion rates have historically precluded you from participating in competitive markets like the US, consider testing internationally. When compared to the US, international placements tend to have a much lower CPC. This decrease in cost may allow your campaign to expand its presence on mobile at a return rate that works for your marketing model.

Opportunities in low-competition markets

We’re excited about Kayak’s new mobile experience and are interested to see how it impacts Kayak mobile traffic and performance.