Mastering Quality Assurance: Inside Koddi's Innovative Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping industries. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to ensure high-quality products and services so that they can maintain their brand reputation and stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore the realm of quality assurance (QA) at Koddi, delving into our approaches, methodologies, and exceptional solutions for our customers.


The Importance of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an essential part of the software development lifecycle, ensuring that products and services align with customer needs. Koddi’s perspective on QA goes beyond bug detection — our team of Quality Engineers is committed to optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency, and delivering unparalleled solutions that exceed client expectations. Our commitment to quality and our focus on delivering reliable, scalable, and user-friendly products and services translate into an exceptional experience for all of our customers.


Building a Comprehensive QA Framework and Test Automation

At Koddi, we have established a robust QA framework that spans every stage of the development process, ranging from requirements gathering and testing to deployment. Our QA team collaborates closely with a variety of cross-functional teams, fostering a continuous culture of quality from project inception through to the final release.

Automation is increasingly important in today’s technological landscape. As projects become more complex and dynamic, efficient and scalable automation frameworks ensure the quality and efficiency of our software applications. These frameworks not only enhance our confidence in our applications but also play a key role in cultivating trust with customers. Our robust automated testing using canaries helps us replicate all primary customer scenarios and ensures availability across a variety of product use cases. This enables us to deliver a seamless and reliable experience to our customers.


Common Challenges in QA and How Koddi Overcomes Them

In the dynamic landscape of QA, numerous challenges emerge that probe the resilience of testing processes and methodologies, including testability, environments, applications under test, and underlying data. Koddi overcomes these common QA challenges through innovative strategies, thorough planning, and an unwavering commitment to enhancing product quality and user experience.

Testability: Testability often stands as a common challenge in QA, requiring strategic collaboration to seamlessly integrate it into the application development process. At Koddi, our QA team collaborates closely with cross-functional teams to integrate considerations for testability during the application development phase, ensuring it is never an afterthought.

Environments: Often, the instability of testing environments presents a significant challenge to making substantial progress during test implementation.To address this, Koddi’s QA team partners with cross-functional teams to establish a consistent deployment cadence.

Application under test: The complexity of applications under tests presents significant challenges for QA, demanding careful coordination and diligence to ensure seamless performance. Koddi’s QA team collaborates with the development team to receive regular updates on UI changes, aiming to prevent any instability caused by these changes.

Underlying data: Navigating the intricacies of underlying data is a challenge in the QA process that requires meticulous validation and precision to ensure accurate and reliable testing outcomes. The Koddi QA team creates unique test data to reduce reliance on existing data, which could be inconsistent or incomplete.

Tackling the challenges mentioned above requires thought leadership, meticulous planning, effective collaboration and communication, and continuous maintenance of the constructed tests. To overcome these common testing challenges, the QA team at Koddi prioritizes understanding customer usage and success criteria to identify the most important testing scenarios, environments, components, and data types to focus on.


Koddi’s Automation Solution

At Koddi, we have incorporated two distinct automation frameworks for our Koddi Demand and Koddi Ads platforms. We decided to keep them separated as the clients the two platforms cater to are significantly different, and the platforms operate on distinct tech stacks. We aimed to empower our non-technical staff to be able to write automated tests on the Demand platform, leading us to choose the Robot framework as the tool of choice. On the Koddi Ads platform, we have technical professionals capable of writing code, making Playwright our preferred choice.


Koddi’s Framework Approach

Our framework entails a four-layered architecture and focuses on reusability, ease of use, and maintainability. This approach keeps each layer isolated from the others, ensuring that any necessary changes are limited in scope.

Test layer: contains tests consisting solely of test steps

Business layer: contains all the business logic for the tests

Page object layer: contains element locators for pages in the application under test

Config layer: contains configurations, including test data and URLs


Koddi Demand Automation Solution

Our automated test suite for Koddi Demand utilizes the Robot Framework, a keyword-driven framework. We chose this framework because it is open-source, provides human-readable syntax, offers cross-platform compatibility, and is extensible with support for Python and Java libraries. It also includes Selenium for web testing, Database libraries, and supports data-driven testing.

We follow a Peer Review process (PR) similar to that of application developers, ensuring that our Automation code adheres to the standards and best practices established by our team. Our primary focus has been on developing a reusable framework driven by configuration. We address a backlog of core workflows to serve as regression tests and incorporate automation into key projects.


Koddi Ads Automation Solution

Our automated test suite for Koddi Ads has been constructed using the Playwright Framework. This framework was chosen for the following reasons: it is open-source, supports multiple programming languages, offers multi-browser compatibility, supports parallel execution, possesses code generation capabilities, and seamlessly integrates with Jenkins.

Our primary focus is on building stable, configuration-driven, and easily maintainable smoke and regression tests that can be executed as part of every release on any test environment. Playwright’s record-and-play feature provides innovative ways to involve cross-functional teams, such as the programs teams to create automated test scripts for the QA team, leveraging their proximity to end users.



In conclusion, QA plays a crucial role within any organization, safeguarding the brand’s reputation and enhancing client confidence. At Koddi, our proactive approach begins with a fundamental vision: to prevent any unforeseen disruptions to our customers’ experience when using our products with an emphasis on quality, speed, and timely market delivery.

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