Leading the Charge on Facebook's Dynamic Ads for Travel

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

A little over a year ago, travel brands were using Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), a primarily retail-focused product, as a direct response marketing channel on Facebook. While our clients were experiencing growth on Facebook, making the product work for travel advertising was a real challenge which hindered initial growth.  Facebook ultimately recognized an opportunity to adapt the product to better support travel brands, enabling advertisers to optimize campaigns based on travel-specific intent signals and granular targeting based on travelers’ itineraries.

In May 2016, Facebook officially launched Dynamic Ads for Travel. Koddi was one of the first technology partners to transition all of its clients from the DPA service to DAT. With DAT, we have been able to create the opportunity for our clients to communicate more effectively with their customers, resulting in one-to-one conversations at a scale of millions of interactions.

Many of our clients have seen their social presence grow by as much as three times since making the transition to Dynamic Ads for Travel, and we are looking forward to the continued growth and opportunities the platform provides. Check out the video below to learn more about our journey with Facebook DAT and how Koddi has helped pave the way for this new advertising product. If you have any questions about how to get started, you can reach out to the Koddi social team at social@koddi.com.