Koddi Ads UX: A Study of Strategic Design

Koddi Ads is a native advertising solution that scales to drive incremental revenue from your app or website. It combines the power of an enterprise-grade ad server with full-service customer support to provide unmatched benefits from the customized guidance and support of Koddi’s team, minimizing your time-to-revenue.

Of course, smarter technology requires smarter design. To architect seamless user experiences, Koddi employs the industry’s brightest minds and top talent – including Jimmy Roberts, Senior UX Designer. Today we’re chatting with Jimmy about what goes into crafting a best-in-class user experience for customers.


Tell us about yourself. How’d you get into UX design?
Starting with building out lead gen campaigns from display ads, landing pages, welcome emails, and beyond, I knew that there was a missing aspect of what the business had in mind – and what the users were actually doing.

Through trial and error and real world examples I was able to refine my approach into a repeatable process. With this process I can approach any situation and extract what the user’s needs are, versus the business’ goals. The ultimate result is marrying the two through experiences that are not only intuitive, but lightweight, and tasks that are easy to complete.


How is UX design different than other design specialties?
UX design is a continual process of refinement, as dictated by user actions. The gamut of feedback helps shape the products and tools that we use today. It’s less of a “have them do this to get that” scenario, but a “if we offer them this, they will feel accomplished and enjoy the experience more.” This satisfaction will create repeat users, and facilitate use cases where we create power users simply by making it easy for them to get through their tasks.


Talk us through your creative design process for Koddi Ads.
We start with what is currently being done, and create a baseline to measure against. Gathering what we know about the experience, our users, and the business goals, we can foster users in their own goals. Specifying pain points within the user flow, I then provide options to better assist the user in how they interact with the product. Are things obfuscated, buttons hidden until an action takes place, data stacked in unreadable formats that lead to confusion rather than satisfaction?

All this comes into play as we wireframe the possible flows, and then refine through feedback sessions with product leaders and development teams as to how we can expeditiously bring these new ideas to life in our product.


What’s special about Koddi Ads’ UX? How is it different and better than the competition?
I believe our product stands alone in its vertical in that our offering is not only one of the easiest to integrate, but also rapidly becoming industry agnostic. We continually look for feature enhancements and check ourselves against industry standards to push the product further faster!


What’s been the most exciting Koddi Ads project you’ve worked on since joining?
The manage entities project was the most involved to date as it was a huge project that spanned across multiple departments and the goal was to make the product available to any industry – retail, hospitality, grocery, clothing, automotive and beyond. With this seemingly simple change, it allowed K1 to expand its user base, diversify its clientele, and further prove out why here at Koddi we always go beyond!