Increase Relevance With New Facebook Features

Earlier this month, Facebook released two new features that will improve advertisers’ ability to effectively scale their campaigns and provide a highly relevant message.

Feature 1: Dynamic Language Optimization

Dynamic Language Optimization is an exciting new feature for DAT. Launched on March 16, it allows advertisers to efficiently run an ad in multiple languages, without building language-specific campaigns. Facebook can optimize each impression based on language. In Facebook’s words, found here, the system works as follows:

Dynamic language optimization (DLO) enables you to reach a multilingual population by experimenting with creatives in different languages. DLO automatically detects the language from each asset in your ad creative and finds the best creative for each ad impression. It then learns how these combinations perform across audiences to drive outcomes.”

Why Is This Important?

Prior to DLO, advertisers would have to spend an immense amount of time creating campaign breakouts based on a mixture of language and target location. Structurally, setting up campaigns or ad sets by language can limit scale because splitting up audiences into smaller segments can hurt ad delivery. Allowing Facebook to optimize each impression to the appropriate language will remove the need to make result-based adjustments retroactively and instead provide the optimizations upon delivery.

Unfortunately, this feature is only accessible for campaigns with an objective of link clicks or mobile app downloads. While it’s not necessarily optimal for hotel bookings via the product catalog sales objective, both of these campaign goals can create successful campaigns. Moving forward, we hope to see more campaign objectives supported to increase the application of this feature. Ultimately, we expect DLO will support all languages and campaign goals as Facebook’s Dynamic Ads have global demand.

Feature 2: Collection Ads

Facebook enhances its ability to create an immersive ad experience by launching Collection Ads. Collection Ads display a primary video or image directly above a carousel of up to 50 products in the mobile news feed.


Why Is This Important?

This creative type introduces another layer for ad diversity. In this format, videos will play an integral role in catching the attention of the user in a way that current DAT ad types can’t. With a prominently displayed video or image and closely associated products, Collections Ads build a new sort of ad experience that reaches consumers who are in various stages of the purchase funnel.  

Currently, Collections Ads is only available on Dynamic Product Ads. While Collections Ads are not available on DAT yet, most successful features released on DPA make their way to DAT.  We expect that Travel brands will likely use DPA to test this feature and gauge engagement in the meantime. The testing stage will uncover the best way to tie the properties displayed in the carousel to the primary image or video.

A Quick Recap of the Benefits

Dynamic Language Optimization

  1. Campaigns are dynamically localized.
  2. A single add can support five languages.
  3. Campaigns can be created and scaled more efficiently.

Collections Ads

  1. Presents a more immersive ad experience.
  2. Allows advertisers to more effectively target users at different stages of the sales funnel.
  3. Carousel can display up to 50 products.

These new features allow advertisers to better action off of the various signals that Facebook captures, enabling advertisers to quickly scale campaigns and reach customers at very key decision-making points. While these new features are exciting, they do add additional layers of complexity, as there are hundreds of thousands possible permutations by which to optimize a campaign. This requires industry leading technology and expertise to manage properly and is at the heart of what we do at Koddi.

If you’re interested in our understanding of this process or interested in how we can help drive growth for travel brands, don’t hesitate to reach out.