How We're Leaning Into Our Values While Working Remotely

When the Koddi team made the journey home to begin working from our new remote offices, many of us wondered how the culture that we’ve worked so hard to build would transition to working remotely. As it turns out, living out our core values and building culture while working remotely has come naturally to Koddiyaks across the organization.

Embracing new challenges and without a formal invitation, Koddiyaks have individually gone above and beyond to offer their small something to build camaraderie and create shared digital spaces to maintain our work friendships. We’re excited to share some of the highlights that have both seen us through these times and created lasting memories that echo our five Koddi values.

Be Inclusive

For some Koddiyaks, being inclusive has been as simple as reaching out to a colleague to catch up over a virtual coffee break. Understanding that we have some team members that are sheltering-in-place alone, scheduling time on the calendar to pause and make sure we are connecting with one another has been a thoughtful approach to closing the physical distance. Our leadership team has likewise created a weekly “Coffee Talk” series with an open format to casually discuss topics like the pros and cons of becoming your own hairstylist or the latest Netflix documentary, thereby making themselves visible to the entire team since we can’t catch them in the hallways during the workday.

Go Beyond

In addition to creating intentional common spaces to be inclusive, our team members have volunteered their personal time to promote mental health and wellness among our team. One team member created a daily meditation stand-up for 10 glorious minutes of deep breathing and mindfulness. To keep our minds agile, another Koddiyak introduced “Philosi-Fridays,” a lively debate hour focused on big, philosophical questions. After hours, the team can unwind with a live DJ stream from the home of one of our very own Koddiyaks, join virtual happy hours, or get zen with a yoga class led by one of our Koddi yogis. For other needs, we’ve crowdsourced resources as we find them, all centralized on our internal website for easy access.

Embrace Challenges

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed our entire industry experience adversity in unimaginable ways. Our customers and partners have required the support of an agile team, and our entire team has stepped up to these new challenges by working around the clock to provide personalized care, uncover deeper industry insights, and best position our clients for recovery.

The Koddi team has always proven to be a collaborative group, but the level which our team has leaned in to support projects in full-tilt is beyond impressive. It’s been an exciting change to see familiar faces being brought into projects they’d previously not been a stakeholder in. This time has allowed us to grow and share new perspectives that we may not have otherwise had an opportunity to explore.

Integrity First

As soon as we realized that it would be several weeks before we could return to our offices, one Koddiyak reminded us of the non-perishable snack items in each of our office break rooms. Rather than allowing them to go ungrazed, we donated these items to local food pantries that are helping feed the millions that are experiencing food insecurity. We’ve also kicked off a virtual canned food drive to raise funds for these food pantries, and our executive team has committed to personally match every dollar donated by our team.

Empower People

Our culture continues to thrive even during COVID-19, because Koddiyaks have ensured that we haven’t skipped a beat. From our very first day at Koddi, we are each empowered to sprint toward what is best and right. In that same vein, it is worth noting that none of the aforementioned initiatives required an approval process; instead, Koddiyaks instinctively stepped up to create a sense of community that looks and feels like the interactions that we are missing while we work from home. In each of these examples, someone identified a need and found a way to contribute.

As we’re all watching and waiting for what’s next, it’s been reassuring to know that Koddi’s culture is as resilient as our people. Every week, we find new ways to connect with one another, live our values, and support each other as we do our best to navigate this new normal. And though we anxiously await the day we get to play office darts and go out to lunches with our colleagues, it’s reassuring to know that we are capable of adapting to whatever we might encounter, together.

Become a Koddiyak

Do these five values resonate with you? Are you looking to start your next career adventure? Check out our Culture and Careers pages to learn more about life at Koddi and browse our current job openings.

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