Google Launches Trip Planning

We recently spotted Google’s trip planning experience on mobile. The experience can be triggered when users search for queries like “Where to go in Canada” or “Canada Destinations“. Within a few clicks, the user can get destination details on flights, hotels, restaurants, points of interest, weather, and general travel info like popular times to visit.  This information has always been available in Google’s ecosystem, but now it exists in an easy to consume format.

We’re excited to see the new experience live. It’s further validation of Google’s commitment to improve the travel research experience and to provide a better experience for users higher in the funnel – An area that has long been dominated by other publishers. We expect to see this evolve over time, become more personalized, and roll out to other devices. Below are further details and screenshots on what we are seeing.


Landing Page

Triggered by a query like “where to go in Canada” or “Canada destinations”


The Destination Page

The user can see quick details about the destinations like average price for hotels and flights


Filtering Destinations

The user can filter by Dates, Price, and Interests

image1 (5)

Destination Detail Page

The destination detail page has more information about the area, top sites, the planning widget with links to flights and hotel ads, when to visit, videos, and other places to explore. Interestingly, clicking the link for hotels takes you to the 1st organic result page for “hotels in..”, and not deeper into the localuniversal experience.

image1 (1)

image1 (2)